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Mangan Software Solutions: Transforming Process Safety

Steve Whiteside, President
In today’s energy and chemical markets, the successful implementation of functional and process safety engineering processes and programs requires innovative software products and technology. More importantly, the successful adoption of these products is a critical success factor to the deployment of such programs. While the space has seen many players come and go, one name that is creating a buzz amongst the entrepreneurial circles is Mangan Software Solutions (MSS). A wholly owned subsidiary of Mangan Inc., MSS has been adapting to the changing market and regulatory conditions--leveraging technology and software services--to automate, implement, and execute functional and process safety engineering processes for various firms in these two markets.

“The combination of our integration, implementation, and information management services offers organizations the ability to deploy our SLM® v2 product quickly and efficiently,” says Steve Whiteside, President of MSS. “Our total solution approach enables our clients to transform volumes of process safety information into meaningful process safety intelligence. This lets them reduce their cost structure and develop informed risk mitigation strategies.”

The company has been a game-changer in the engineering discipline of Process Safety Management. The firm brings competent engineering services through their Business Intelligence Group (the “BiG”). These information management services improve functional safety processes, reduce risk and streamline compliance. To accomplish this, MSS leverages their award-winning platform—Safety Lifecycle Manager (SLM®) v2. The platform comes with ten modules that organizations use to implement and manage the lifecycle of the independent protection layers and safety systems that protect the people, environment and plants from catastrophic events. SLM® v2 runs on MSS’ proprietary Atlas platform and brings flexibility and automation in the compliance processes. The integration technology in SLM® v2 and the integration services provided by MSS allows organizations to gather disparate process safety information from 3rd party software programs and transfer it to SLM® v2. This provides unprecedented access to critical information and provides analytics to improve plant safety and identify potential hazards before they occur.

A key differentiator for MSS lies in the fact that it provides a comprehensive and holistic approach to tackling the major challenges of implementing a process safety management system. The key is in the SLM® v2 technology; the modules within the system are interconnected via the Atlas platform. These links automatically updates critical safety information throughout all the modules when data changes occur.

Our total solution approach enables our clients to transform volumes of process safety information into meaningful process safety intelligence

This ensures that decision makers at the refineries and chemical plants are making informed decisions with the most accurate, reliable and meaningful information available.

Additional differentiators include two software delivery models, SaaS and cloud-hosting services via Mangan Software’s SLM-Cloud services group. These services reduce the total cost of ownership by eliminating the IT infrastructure and capital purchases required to internally host and manage software programs. “We are now beginning to see these services expand beyond a complementary service to our SLM® v2 product. Many organizations are seeing the benefits of our service capabilities and are using SLM-Cloud to host third-party software programs,” explains Whiteside.

MSS has consistently upgraded its portfolio with new technologies to grow the success graph of its clients exponentially. The new SLM® v2 has over 100 new features, is six times faster, and has an overhauled interface to greatly improve the user’s experience. Every day across the world, maintenance, reliability and process safety engineers leverage the software to bring unprecedented savings-some organizations have been able to enjoy a reduction of 40 percentage in outsourced engineering costs by using SLM® v2. Many refineries are taking advantage of the analytics within the system to delay plant turnaround schedules, saving their organizations millions.

Since its inception, MSS has continuously evolved with its suite of innovative products and best-in-market engineering services. For future products, the company intends to leverage feedback from their formal user groups as the innovation strategy for the production of SLM® v3, which will be designed and developed out of their offices in Texas and Georgia. The MSS UK subsidiary in London supports international clients with BiG services and is executing market penetration strategies in the EU and UK.
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Steve Whiteside, President

Mangan brings a holistic approach to proffering procacity information, asset integrity, and functional safety services

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